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whitney be an advocate for pro but here, just because of the nature of the office, you are removed in ways that are frustrating. sometimes you want to pick up the phone to say tell me more about what is going on in let me see if i can be your social worker, advocate, a mortgage adviser, an employment counselor for five 1/2 to reconcile constantly is i have a specific role to play in the office and make a bunch of big decisions. and doesn't have a positive effect over this many lives? you cannot always be certain one of the reasons she had responded by hand to a few letters each night he likes the satisfaction of providing one thing that is immediate and concrete.
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[applause] good evening and thank you for coming to this reading, talk, introduction to my book and if you cannot read it the subtitle call the bible strange take on sex leads to politics and i come of jesus in a way. those are meant to get you interested in the book and i hope it does. sex mom and daughter is the third and last book and a trilogy each one is a standalone that you can buy one and read it without having to read all three if you get halfway 38 days or 180 the next one is better. either way it works out but let me just review the first
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is crazy for god. that is this book in paperback purpose second volume is space for those who do not like a religion or a fee is them and the third is sex mom and god. i will begin tonight to redo the injury remarks that will set up my talk but also let you know, a little bit about what this book covers in terms of what "the reader" would find in it. one of the things i love most about being with my grandchildren is they only know me now before i explain
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why i had sex with the i sculpture and how my family helped to push the republican party into the embrace of the religious right and have my family involved in several murders my granddaughter just turned to. she, along with my three other grandchildren is my second chance now that i have carved out a spiritual identity as dramatically eclipsing of my former self as if i disappeared into a witness protection program. my four grandchildren a man dead and the others now was standing i am prone to label people and ideas as my mother did prepare she divided everything into very important things saying jesus frigidity japanese flower arrangements is see through black lingerie only to be enjoyed after marriage that those things that barely registered on her to
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do list like homeschooling me. so i capitalize the words such as sen, a god, love, a girl, and also words like him when referring to god. not doing this as a theological statement but a nervous tick left over from my childhood and to signal what looms large to my mother and still looms large to me. blessed the lucy and jericho may live a few hundred feet up the street i walk to their house every day and collect them for playing time. she talks to me and jack is just six months old and samples my nose but does not say much. lucy likes to be carried. her big brown eyes and the 18th century houses allowed us to see which of
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the ubiquitous flags are wrapped around the flagpole and which are breathing free in the ocean breeze. when we get to my house lucy commands made to read the tale of two bad myers. a story about two bad vice who mistake adolph house dinner for real food. when they discover them ham and fish and putting cannot be eaten they smashed up the food in revenge then ransack the doll house for ago when she wrote the book in 1904 she could not have known for classic story would be the allegory illustrating the dilution suffered by members of the american religious right for about some people who helped to lead the movement including me were very much like the two characters. we live life informed by believes not based on fact
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leading to deep-seated resentments that could not be cured because what we resented never happens. we took as a first and sold the real world does not conform to the imagined when we have been indoctrinated to believe so we did our share for about my late father was a key founder and leader of the religious right and my mother was herself a spiritual leader. not the mere power behind her man which she was further she was a formidable and adored religious figure whose books and public speaking directly and indirectly shape to millions of lives. for a time, i joined by dad in pioneering the evangelical movement 1970's and 80's when i was in by a 20s going into a successful instigator in my right and not just adds sidekick but
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also trying to reach the world for jesus and i change my mind. nevertheless like those two bad negative two felt remorse so tried to pay for the damage that because i am determined to acknowledge the construction that i contributed to to inherit that vandalized dollhouse is working beyond her childhood horizon and. that is the beginning of the book. i will talk a little bit why i wrote it and then i will be glad to take your questions. the trilogy, which my publisher calls the trilogy comes out of personal experience on two levels. one is the child of a
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preacher who became a religious right figure in america and africa are the world seen through a child's eyes sometimes bring a reality to a subject messed by the adults who don't hear the arguments that night and do not see the inside story of the hero that sometimes other people put on a pedestal. there is the second thread that runs through the three books that my all my journey that began with my father late teens and early 20s two say how should we live with the book companion and another film series whatever happens to the human race? he became a surgeon general under reagan and first of all he made my father very famous in the evangelical get no. not in a sense of but disparage ran. we're all part of a ghetto. we know about orthodox
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famous and those of us who live in this state do not know any of their country's exist most of the time. we just live here. [laughter] sonoco i simply mean you can be very famous in one sliver of the culture but never have been heard of by most of the people but within that come if you ask them in 1979 or 1983 to the leaders were, and the intellectual leaders my dad's name would happen at the top certainly on the top of all list. and it shared something with north korea which is the nepotism of succession and fructify was a north korea i would be camille john the 17th of tv evangelist it
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was natural to become the sidekick for cry was not alone. oral roberts, richard, who i knew quite well in the past. we inherited at an end had to divide with a college and separate from them. pat robertson's sens kid ran 700 love for while. it seems normal to be bred for these leadership positions not to inherit the call from the holy spirit but it also seems a lot more valuable. that was my world. son ever preacher who went to europe as a fundamentalist visionary and was obscure and unknown and a talk about in the book "sex, mom & god" how one of the great idea of my youth was to have any kind of protein delhi had a week diet that have nothing to do keeping eastern orthodox
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fats but that they were trying to spread macaroni and cheese a long way to feed a lot of students and hitchhikers that came through to their mystery. one of the great things about having a dad with the best sellers is that i got to go along to the dell lot of poorhouse state. too little and too late but it was great to finally get the protein. but in the book "sex, mom & god" and my other to come i tell the story that euphemistically had alluded to admire early novel. some of you may have read which are the stories of a child a fundamentalist missionary of the '60s and europe was of a lovely place living only $5 a day and it
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was said cheap vacation and portofino is refined took the train 455 hours down on the mediterranean that is when turquoise became my favorite color because back in those days it was that color and we have a wonderful time. but my introduction to vacation was different than those who came every year because they did not die of modification every night to ask the beached to swallow them because they're corners tried to have the loss from a catholic italians but to say that to the second christmas and easter owe it was the only time they applied to church on like us. mom would say hers and i would a large.
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>> but eventually she would end. i began here is a serious point*. i talk about it in "sex, mom & god" but in those-- the mission was to convert people to jesus christ. a simple mission that my dad pursued and so did my mother with good intent but they met to -- men to but they said in those that you define it. >> fast forward right now if you read them bd it is today in new to vote to and you are not to the people have
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written to me and the basis of supporting the ron candidate tellme that must therefore no longer be a christian but then tried to follow the teachings of jesus christ prepare or they're shut hamid iffy have fide one day evangelical as some within it pushes people to come to these fears who will put it -- being and instead the absolute it will be politics but we want them
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june hammer our enemies but the but this christianity for him but then there s those. >> w3 >> they were very strict christian as if you went buy the book with the what they believe about how they treated individuals was entirely different. we have a people and our homes even helpers and workers who were openly gay and my father was not running around say
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we'll try to hear you and if you are gay you are lost and some how dirty and filthy that are the same as like michelle bachmann has gone around saying that they scare her or it is demonic. so the official police did not kick out to treat people that was in he made because there was the underlying message to the gospel that trump to all other categories which is do unto others as you would have me done
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to understand the religious right to people understand why the republican party is a religious organization and no longer politics as usual you have to read "sex, mom & god" and my memoir crazy for god to get the headline headline-- old pitcher otherwise it is just have lines of those who don't understand really happened. to have one example from "sex, mom & god" i have some of chapters on the development of politics after roe v wade and bolton which clarified for the public which is a limit on abortion i compare it to the way france and sweden
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legalized abortion but if you had tried 10 years with the well funded think tank to come up with the roots of a culture war too never die how to piss-off the most people permanently forever. [laughter] what you would do is not do of france did gradually or by america state-by-state but writes the rules so sweeping that from then antiabortion end forces could march around and they could say that is what this is to allow up to the last month. their bosses extremism coming from both sides and a sense my father and direct the beginning of the protestant pro-life movement literally to the point* we had roman catholic bishops and the knights of columbus funding a war film series because there were so glad to see them arriving on the horizon like the calgary
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because they thought there were the only ones who represented back in the early '70s i saw the growth of the movement so i charge that i will not go through everything that is in the book now because i hope he will buy it and read about by the end of it you have a personalized view but also peace of american history told in the of way that is personnel at the same time giving you insight to what really happened and why the headlines about politics are all about these litmus test end one conclusion i have derived then to see the world to my mother's eyes because she is an interesting case to prove the point*. a case i forget what that is. [laughter] but the results of alt a alt a shom of our work to do a big sketch of looking back
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over 25 years to deliver into the hands of corporate america as a group of steady bettors to where the votes against their own interest because corporate america had a different agenda which was to deregulate the timing to evade taxes and laugh all the rage to the bank you cannot do that with the white middle-class to consist of a vote to four people to raise billionaire's taxes and regulate wall street to get exxon and mobil to pay to the damage for the environment to build electric cars to do something it about global warming to, etc., etc. or to have those rational thoughts and their pocket but. the only way to get this group of people too consistently vote for you when you do bad things for your country that will not
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help them because they are not the people who are paying taxes, to get them to vote on the basis of other issues they do care about then it is just presents as usual. one of the things i talk about it "sex, mom & god" that that is what happens from the pro-life movement and the antiabortion movement something we could not visualize at the time and double put a very strongly and i hope that you don't object of it was a genuine sense that the christian thing to do is to pay to the united states government and not trust it. but not on the basis of its failure to clean up the environment to regulate the non kimora litmus test gay-rights a and gay marriage the antiabortion movement to encompass the family values and we get
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mom-and-pop to a gatt of riled up on these issues consistently then the other of the candidates to make sure we d regulate the banks and wall street to let exxonmobil do whatever they want because that has always been the agenda of the republican party. so when rears sitting down with people like ronald reagan and stay in the home of jack kemp and with the bush family and talk to gerald ford and my mom would go swimming in the white house pool you did not even need a pass you could literally knocked on the gate just going to her neighbor's house and guards would say there is of crazy and 80 here and she would go swim laps. [laughter] the net result is diffuse fast forward to the present
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tense of budget people use the language of the pro-life movement to talk about death than those which is the way they describe health care reform or we have to define the of government because no one should have to pay taxes or we cannot regulate. global warming is a myth because it hurts business burglaries then they are empower is not on the basis of those issues but because people were exercised about roe v wade and gay-rights including integration because we had a large broad swath of the evangelical movement as well. it is very clever and symbiotic. one is the only have one political party would is a
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democrat see if there is a religious institution end reef or in this sense of three made of people called the tea party poll shows 60 percent are the same evangelical religious rights that have always been around. i don't think that is disputed but with their energy we have people and congress who the floor would have been agitator's but now they're making sure we cannot reauthorize our debt. no business as usual can be carried died because we know like the government it has been carried farha or before even questioned the purpose of nine minnillo hold reauthorization saying and in my short lifetime, having
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been involved on the idealistic basis is to tell the whole story to appoint where we now have a political party controlled by not only the fringe element but those who showed up for primaries but did that control the party because of people like my good friend who wants to get out or even the old movers and shakers, who was sold fiery against abortion but and you could disagree and new-line the your credit that would be different on the issues but after they
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are on fire they often don't go have a drink together. believe me rupert murdoch's minions are not going off to have drinks with those they blass is not real americans and sympathizers and terrorists and the other rhetoric that comes out of the upper right to in from the left as well. irate for the left-wing blogs like the "huffington post" you can find my work regularly. when you read the comments and the articles, it is a fiery confrontation taking place from both sides and the idea and a polite to middle ground or loreal opposition is out the window. here is the third element i told you to remind me of. somebody did and they are just looking at me. [laughter] in the book "sex, mom & god" i talk about my mother. why? it is easy to play the game
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of demonizing see other. >> you would think there was sit-in's cousin in a way they never seem to read. they do nasty things which is okay, because you don't need friends from the fact is when will see a story of edith schaeffer in sit you believe it would be a litmus test. >> about scripture and theology but if your action reit. >> bereday man who has hitch a ride to his way across
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europe now looking for a place to examine a spiritual issues without sensing that people were judging him or her or an african student going to the university of sofia in bulgaria at the time africans were shipped by the carload to the communist bloc and if you manage to get the be said coming here they say you could stay for free but are you? to write off all as reactionary? >> look at the way she cares for everybody. look at how i did is where she talks about 15 the sanibel living the center but none of that nonsense just gets up in the middle of the night when a drug
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addict pukes on her floor and cleans up and then says to the pregnant girl out you don't need to put the baby up for adoption in. stay with us for a couple of years and we will help you. that was my mom. i tell the story been "sex, mom & god" for two reasons. she is in a shadow of my father's someone who i talk about a lot more it crazy for bide levy a huge chunk of my story untold of 80 to read me the bedtime stories swear words and all in the '60s when evangelicals there were no progress since they thought that was a trade but nobody laughed at that. that is a shame. [laughter] but in any case, my mother was so luminous in her embrace of art and
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literature and people and individuals with evangelicals would call it sarah palin it is not real america those who go to schools like harvard a real or serve princeton reit says they have a higher learning and anti-knowledge my mother was out like that for i grew up hearing great books read. and i just the woodhouse or the of literature of dickens and abroad taye sisters but to a brave new world record 1984. animal farm. i remember about that age are remember sitting on the beach and mob reading as the lourdes of the flyspeck of this is your idea how you raise kids and it just sends me because she was the evangelical fundamentalists as you can get the when she steadies the life of christ
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coming up with somebody who was unafraid of knowledge, was not worried buy scions. it is not an accident my father wrote a book in the early '70s when nobody was talking about pollution and the death of man except the colleges. he would be horrified that have written it off it does not serve the interests of exxonmobil. . .
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